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February 20, 2012

Best of NewGen at Fashion Week. According to Me.

These were the best bits of Topshop/BFC’s NewGen area at Somerset House, according to me, when I visited on Saturday. I was sad because Holly Fulton & Michael Van Der Ham have yet to show so they only had last season’s collection, and JW Anderson had like 4 things on his space. But I was happy because there was a bunch of awesome new stuff, like David Koma’s amazing collection, and Paler//Harding’s incredible shirt-based collection, Thomas Tait, and Simone Rocha’s INSANE new collection, and Sister by Sibling’s super fun one, and……..I am in danger of gushing.

David Koma AW12


Let’s just have a little moment for how insanely good Simone Rocha is. This season was her first proper show, and from seeing the pieces up close and personal, she is really ready to play with the big boys. The level of quality and detail in her work is so developed and refined, and her colour pallate and ability to play with texture really is something special. I particularly loved her shirt with the wooly collar, was so cute, and then the lace blazer, and the wooly/perspex dress. Dream.

Simone Rocha AW12

Simone Rocha AW12

Also, this was my first season knowing about Thomas Tait, and I can’t wait for more amazing things from him.

Thomas Tait


And finally, Sister by Sibling totally made my rainy day with their cheeky little barbie dolls at their space. Love it.

Sister by Sibling AW12

August 23, 2011

Cozy up beside me

Autumn is here, much to my dismay. I am cheering myself up by pondering winter coats. Those that know me will know that I have a teeeeensie coat obsession…to the tune of twenty-odd of the things. Still though, I think I can justify perhaps a fresh one this season. Well, you know, fresh city, it just seems fair!

Giles AW11

Chloe AW11

Giles and Chloe rocking Gestapo chic, DELISH

So this is what I have been thinking….I am in the mood for something functional yet stylish, something that screams – I AM A DESIGNER, living in LONDON. haha. Seriously though, I’m only half joking. I want an oversize, anti-fashion, functional thing. I really like when garments go beyond fashion to become pure design, the beauty is in the simplicity, the lack of superfluous embellishment. A pocket where you need a pocket, just the right amount of warmth, a neutral colour that works with everything, the works.  As much as it is boringly on trend, I am really crushing on Barbour at the moment, if just from a quality perspective. The high street is flooded with imitators, but only the original is as warm as it is stylish….I just can’t decide which one I want more!


Barbour Beadnell

Barbour xLiberty Beadnell

Barbour National Trials



Living in Dublin, London, anywhwere similar,  means that for basically half the year, the most important garment you have is your coat. Because you need to wear one almost all the time. The most well thought out outfits have come undone by forgetting to incorporate the coat. And given that I am the whatever-is-closest-and-cleanest kind of dresser, getting a coat that says the right thing without having to figure out in-depth outfit plans is a major bonus.


Simone Rocha AW11

Celine AW11


Antonio Berardi AW11

Philip Lim AW11

Alexander Wang AW11

Contrasting textures & colours for added interest

I have been on the hunt for the perfect parka for roughly two years now. I have had terrible luck, because I didn’t want to pay loads of money, because in my head a parka is a casual thing, and casual things should be cheeep. But the high street ones are useless quality, flimsy and just not even worth the more reasonable price tags. Furthermore, the shape needs to be just right, long enough but not too long, utilitarian, just the right amount of oversize and straight.

Turns out I have been a FOOL, because I have found a bucketload of them on the interweb from army surplus style sites. Why I didn’t head straight there is beyond me, but now all I have to do is decide which of these babies is just right.

Aquascutum AW11

Dress Monster via Asos

Won Hundred

Swedish Military Parka

Or maybe a Duffel Coat? Maybe?

Burberry AW11

Christopher Raeburn via



I LOVE this colour!

Celine AW11

and the highstreet version…



And finally, it’s not practical, nor affordable, but if someone wants to buy me this, I’ll love you forever…

Alexander Wang AW11


May 14, 2011

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger.

Better Fashion week is happening next week, and I am raging that I will have to miss the talks, as they are sure to be incredible. However, if you are around Dublin, I highly recommend that you try to get to at least one of the events. Taking part are a bunch of really successful Irish designers, such as Una Burke, Simone Rocha, Eilis Boyle, Joanne Hynes, as well as Ireland’s leading stylists, photographers, editors, journalists, PR’s and more. All spearheaded by the indomitable force that is Redress, who are a truly wonderful organisation spearheading the charge for sustainable fashion in Ireland.

I cannot stress how good this is going to be, so if you are around, seriously, GO! You will thank me. I promise you. Fast fashion is something we all need to address, and we need to start taking responsibility for our behaviour and buying patterns. These guys will show you that making better choices can be just as fun and rewarding as binging on throwaway garments.

Tickets and more information available from their website, here.

Una Burke

Una Burke

Eilis Boyle

Simone Rocha


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