Sunday Funday #10

1.IT’s a kind of MAGIC. Magic is a bit naff. David Blaine. Dynamo. David Copperfield. Derren Brown. Naff. THE PAUL DANIELS MAGIC SHOW. Naff-tastic. Why am I talking about magic? It’s like sooooooooooo not fashion, right? Well, yea definitely not. But there is something about magic that people respond to. And in terms of entertainment,… More Sunday Funday #10

The New Almanac

What’s this?! What have I done with Noisy Shoes? Well, to be blunt, I killed it. And it all started over a phone call. As with last year, my 2014 resolutions are lo-fi. I want to call people on the phone more. I think I have lost a fundamental part of my ability to communicate… More The New Almanac