legs akimbo

i saw these online a while ago, and the other day my friend emailed me from japan about them. i’m so useless at tights that the first time round i looked, laughed and continued oogling some pretty dress or other.

photo via les-quelles-de-sardines.com

But when shane mailed me, i gave them a little more attention. screenprinted tights. sure why not?!! i actually think they are amazing.

And if i didnt snag, ladder or cigarette burn every single pair of tights i’ve ever owned on the first wear then i would surely invest in a pair.

Maybe if i asked nicely they might create a ladder-effect pattern for me?! If they are a little too out there for you, try the selection at AmericanApparel.net.  AA stocks pretty much every imaginable permutation of tights i can think of, in a million colours. And i know this coz iv had to stock check them :/


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