The Day the Circus Left Town

Dublin is a funny old place. It’s like a really flawed family member that refuses to reach its potential. I love it anyway, for its moments of brilliance and bizarre charm.
Today though, I am very sad that the amazing Circus is closing its Powerscourt doors. Circus was a beacon of avant-garde possibilities for Dublin – part gallery, part clothes boutique run by the most lovely people. They stocked fantastic labels, really cutting edge design. I own a jacket from their previous incarnation, Proxy, and it is one of my favourite things.
It’s a real shame that the current economic and cultural climate means that a store like Circus can’t ride out the storm, because we need more of it, not less, to build the city into what Dublin should be.
Circus will be sorely missed by many people (unfortunately, a lot of whom couldnt afford to buy anything 😦 )
Here’s the website – have a look, to pay a final tribute to a truly wonderful shop – Circus Store


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