All I Have to do is Dream

Sometimes I don’t want WEARABLE. Sometimes every girl wants to clothe themselves in an outfit that is awkward, in which it is difficult to stand/sit/pee/eat/generally do anything in. And in my dream land, for these occasions, Elie Saab invites me to his atelier and lets me loose to choose one of his dresses. From the look of his Couture collections, one gets the impression a whole host of big-deal celebrities & actors (i’m not talking about i’m a celebrity… celebrities) look to him for exactly the same thing when it comes to Oscars/Emmys/Grammys/SAGs/Hags/envelope opening.


The first gown screams Nicole Kidman at the Oscars. And if not that exact one then one of the other similar ones from his most recent couture show! I also really liked the soft and delicious print of the second gown, if not so much the fairly standard-GOWN construction.

Of course, he doesn’t just do GOWNS (seriously, i love saying that word…). He also does amazing cocktail dresses, and I think this is possibly his really strong point. While Galliano and McQueen kick ass at drama and glamour and creations in millions of metres of the finest silks (actually, I’m gonna have to add Vicktor & Rolf into that list after their last show…wowzer!), I think Elie Saab is at his strongest creating flirty looks that ooze luxe.


He is every bit as glamourous and refined and the clothes are as exquisite, and I adore his use of texture and embellishment. I think the reason I love Elie Saab so much is that he makes dresses that girls adore, that boys are not afraid of. I’ve spent enough time wearing beautiful things at the expense of intimidating, confusing or just plain scaring men to spot a happy medium – an exquisite dress that a woman feels amazing in, but when a guy looks at you he somehow doesnt even see it. aaah if only every dress was like that!!

Finally, two yummy looks from Saab’s RTW collection for Spring 2010.



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