Somewhere over the rainbow it’s winter again

Just had a quick peek at the Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter 2010 show, you can too if you like…

There were a couple of things I noticed……

1. Mid calf skirts


While I am loving the socks and mary-janes combo, the gorgeous blush colour and super-cute bow embroidery, I am very nervous about this mid-calf business. Only the skinniest of legs can pull this length off. The show seemed to have a Mary Poppins quality to it…

2. Galliano Much?

Again, I do love this jacket, but it seems to take much inspiration from Galliano. I also noticed a very similar offering over at Halston…


Can we spot a trend?

3. The fisherman jumper


I’m actually delighted about this. I love fisherman jumpers. Very much a case of absorbing street style, coz these babies have been cropping up everywhere recently.

Leaving aside the Mary Poppins buzz (see below), MJ’s offering was a delightful combination of whimsical dresses and smart workwear. No surprises why he is such a popular designer.



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