It’s Been a while….

i’v been useless over the past couple of weeks, between trips to NYC, broken laptops, crazy deadlines & a general air of all-over-the-place-ness. i’m not excusing it, just saying…….

anyway, i am in the middle of browsing through the fall 2010 collecitons and a number of issues are arising already. some of these things i agree with, some i do not.

1) the yeti coat
2) an over use of animal print
3) scarlet fever
4) navy & black
5) the midriff returns
6) summer colours for winter
7) the pantsuit kicks back
8 ) 70’s trouser shapes

and i’m only on the letter B!!!! realistically it will probably be a week before i get through them all, and a while more before i have an opion to share. I’l leave you for the moment with a look that i like from what i have seen, even if it is very Gucci from the Tom Ford era…actually, that’s probably why i like it…

balmain, AW2010, image:

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