Oh Karl…

I LOVE Karl Lagerfeld. I have worshipped him for a long, long time – I see him as a man capable of absolutely everything. So, I am particularly disappointed with his latest outing at Chanel. I’m not sure if this is a sartorial in-joke or something, but the Yeti look is having a major moment, not just chez Chanel….but man, he really took it to the extreme……

Unfortunately, mixing shaggy fur with heavy bouclé does not leave the most elegant of silhouette. Even with my favourite look, I don’t quite know whether I actually like it, or whether I was just so glad that it was better than the rest. Well, no, I’m pretty sure I like it. But I definitely don’t love it, and by Chanel standards, I only barely like it.

Also, and this might just be me, but my main gripe with this colletion is the bang of narcissism off it. I love KL. I love his look. I love that he has managed to mix it into the Chanel aesthetic very successfully for many seasons to create wonderous fashion. But this season he seems to have hit the wall. What he showed instead was a parody of his persona, with a twist of Napoleonic styling…At best this collection seems unconsidered or just plain taking the piss. At worst….well, I dont think I can bring myself to say it. I’m sorry Karl. I love you but I’m very, very disappointed.

(All images via Style.com)

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