Last of the Summer Wine….

Nora Batty. Style Icon.

(image source :

I genuinely never thought I would say those two things together, but as I was looking through the new Autumn collections it kept popping into my head. And I kind of love it. Any excuse to wear a granny cardigan is happy days in my book. We saw it last winter with Missoni’s delish cashmere leggings (this look is actually really achievable with any pair of stretched/slightly too big for you leggings or tights).

(missoni aW09-10)

The look is slouchy tights/leggings/thigh high socks. And if you can’t afford the following, then head to Pennys, buy the biggest size they sell and wait for gravity to do its thing, and Voilá!

(Vivienne Westwood AW10/11) (Unique AW10/11) (Prada AW10/11)

(Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW10/11)

(Louise Grey AW10/11)
(images via

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