Let’s get some shoes

I am a girl which makes me genetically obliged to love shoes. This is one of the only obligations in my life that I am more than happy to comply with, especially when shoes look like this –

(image via: geekshoes.com)

The Christian Louboutin Poiseidon. Nom! Want. Altho not so much in the silver, the gold are faaaaaaar nicer. But instead of me showing you the nicer ones I want you to see for yourselves on Christian Louboutin’s KICKASS website – LINK. State of my face for only checking it out today. It’s a little weird, a little sexy and very fun. And the shoes……………….

(image via: luxury-insider.com)

As a strange aside, I have only recently become aware that I have a strange obsession with peep-toe shoes. If you asked me, I would never say I pefer them over other types of shoes (I am an equal opportunities shoe purchaser) but on a recent wardrobe overhaul, I own at least 15 pairs of peeptoe heels. Many of which are also slingback. This was a very unconscious decision. I don’t actually know why I choose them. In many ways they actually annoy me, especially when it rains and you realise that peep-toe is just a cute way of saying giant-hole-in-the-front-of-your-shoe and you end up with icky rain feet. gross. I wonder if they could make peep-toes a bit like convertibles….so you could close them when it started to rain…..Mr. Louboutin if you could just see to that? thanks…

Thinking about shoes always makes me hear this song in my head.

And I suppose I can’t talk about shoes without leaving you with this, lol


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