Do the locomotion

When I was young I used to think that Kylie was the Greatest Performing Artist OF ALL TIME. Naturally, I was devastated when I found this next video, and realised that perhaps the midget aussie might only be an average pop princess in a pair of slappery gold hotpants (tho to be fair if i looked as good in them i’d probably wear them too…..)

Also, I love her Busby Berkley backing dancers….busby who you say? eh, only the greatest choreographer of all times. makes that dance show on MTV look like a bunch of saps. actually, they look like a bunch of saps anyway. but you know what i mean.

(it gets good around 02:20)

(this is just mental!!!)

and this one

Michel Gondry (another hero of mine) was inspired by Berkley a little bit when he made this

and I also love this one

If you havn’t watched Michel Gondry’s documentary, do so immediately. He’s a genius (proper mental, bonafide crazy genius).

Happy Sunday. xx


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