Mom Jeans

They say every woman eventually turns into her mother. And much like every other woman who hears this mantra, I have been hoping to buck that trend. However, thus far I have developed her total inability to say no to things, a predeliciton for shoes, a hopeless sense of fiscal policy (read: I can’t save for the life of me), and more recently, a worrying penchant for, well, mom jeans…

(image : Regarding Annie)

(I’m really bad at technology so I don’t know how to embed the video here but press Ctrl + click on the link to watch it, it’s very funny –

In the past couple of months I have purchased a pair of vintage 501’s, a smart pair of golf trousers, and two pairs of Liz Claiborne sporting shorts. Don’t know who Liz Claiborne is? Ask your mom. And I’m not the only one – have a flick through (Ctrl + click) and you will be met with a bunch of bright young things who’ve raided their mom’s wardrobes.


What is it about our generation that is so into dressing like our mothers and grannies? Our mothers were revolutionaries, shocking their mothers, who had done the same in their time. Not to get all feminist on it or anything, but seriously, why are we such sartoiral wusses?! How come I am happier in a nicely cut pair of shorts my mum and my nana thinks are “very smart” than in an outfit that shocks her? Or, if i had the cash money, this gorgeous outfit from Tibi’s AW 10 collection. Flesh coloured blouse anyone?? No, really.

Tibi A/W 10


Perhaps it’s the influence of style blogs such as The Sartorialist, whose aesthetic has been particularly influential in the past couple of seasons. Scott has an eye for classic tailoring and preppy style that nicely encompasses mom jeans and questionable golf shorts. Maybe I should be blaming him and not my mother?!

(image: The Sartorialist)


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