Pianos and Queens

Think the piano neck tie is a bit corny? How about a piano suit instead? No, it actually exists. Here, look!

(image: Etsy)

Ok, so here are two websites that I actually think you would quite like, as I am a little bit in love!

The Boudoir Queen


I’m not going to give you any pictures, because I want you to click on the link. The website is great, and the clothes are beautiful and romantic, in a Courtney Love kind of way. She’s actually a big fan. Of them, not me. Yet…..

Queen’s Wardrobe


Sticking with the theme of Queen’s and getting dressed, Queen’s Wardrobe is the kind of website that is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because of the AMAZING clothes for very reasonable prices. It is also a curse for exactly the same reason. And when you are broke it is a torturous curse! Again, no pictures, go have a look at the site.

That is all. Well, apart from this little snippet from one of the best.films.ever.


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