So Last Season. So What?

Fashion has a tendency to lose the run of itself. Well, actually, people have a habit of blaming clothes for their own tendency to lose the run of themselves, but to hell with taking responsibility for your own actions – let’s blame fashion. I say this is because “fashion” these days moves at warp speed. Driven in no small part by the knock off merchants, I mean the high street, the rag trade mentality seems to drive fashion in terms of sales and selling new things to people like me every two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

Sorry, but I call shenanigans. We have allowed money makers to let us replace values such as craftsmanship and design integrity with newness, constant shiny newness. It doesn’t matter that the quality of the fabric is bad, it doesn’t matter that the design is poor and that the cut is rubbish. If it is new, it is good, right??

So if new is good then old is bad, yeah? To be “last season” is the ultimate fashion faux pas of our society. I guess there are sociological reasons for this… technology moves so fast, the world we live in…blah blah blah….but I mean COME ON!!!! We are obsessed with vintage, yet we look down on last season? Not vintage enough, it’s inauthentic and it’s not new enough to be relevant. REALLY?!!

Wow, I didn’t realise I was going to have such a rant. Heh, oops! To bring things back to a more light hearted note, below are a bunch of last season’s clothes. And they still rock. It’s handy to look at our old clothes to see what can be reworked into our current wardrobes. A good trick when wearing last season (always handy around sale time) is to pick something that is classic or so completely out there that it never really fit into a season as such to begin with. Doing things like changing the belt or the buttons on clothes can update them. I know that sounds really stooopid but the difference between a shirt buttoned all the way up and three buttons down is huge!

And then there are just some things in every woman’s closet that they love so much who gives a flying fuck whether people think they are this season, last season, soooo last season its not even funny or just plain ugly. If you love it, wear it. Even if it’s just around your bedroom!

Moschino Cheap & Chic SS09
3.1 Philip Lim SS09
3.1 Philip Lim SS09
Alexander Wang SS09
Badgley Mischka
Balmain SS08
BCBG Max Azria AW09
Celine SS09 (how awesome is that necklace?!!)
Chloe SS09
Erdem SS09
Malandrino SS09
Marchesa SS09
Max Azria SS09
Prada Resort 2010 (not technically last season yet, but too good to leave out!)
Rodarte SS09
Tibi SS09
Tory Burch SS09

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