Don’t shoot the messenger (bag)

Messenger bags have been ubiquitous with the fixie/courier scene for aaaages now. It’s a style statement, a message to others that you are SERIOUS about cycling bikes. Grand. And I get it, and it’s cool, and functional and blah blah blah.

I’m a girl. I don’t want one. But I do cycle a bike and any other girl who has tried to cycle with a stylish bag will hear me when I say a lot of bags out there are useless for cycling. Like where do you put them? On the handlebars? That’s annoying….On the rack at the back? That means those elastic things that look like they’ll take your eyes out…..hmmmm. grrr. But, it would seem that designers have been having the same problem on their super cool trendy fixies/dutch bikes/other cool bike types i dont know the names of, because I have started noticing more and more bike-friendly bags everywhere. It’s really quite a simple design solution, in the sense that most bags become cyclable when you add a long strap to them. However, the handles draped on crook of arm look has dominated the accessories market for years now, so designing bags to sit longer on the body is pretty much the handbag equivalent of going from super bodycon mini to flared and flowy maxi. The “across the body” bag has caused a bit of a stir in the style pages, with clebs and fashiony types getting papped with their bag hanging from their body. IMAGINE!!! Funtion AND fashion?!!!! MADNESS!

This is one of those nerd things that I find really interesting because *warning i’m about to get all nerdy* – it shows how fashion is directly influenced by the ways in which people choose to live their lives and how designers come up with design solutions to these lives. It is also interesting that fashion and trends are as much inflenced by functionality as aesthetics. This current over the body trend is a result of people wanting to live a healthier/more eco lifestyle and then other people who dont know one end of a bike from another think it’s cool and buy into it because Alexa was papped with it. *Phew, nerd rant over*

Anyway, clearly noone really reads blogs and only visits them for the pictures, so here you go, I shall prove my point in visual format. x

I just realised I forgot to put the Alexa Mulberry in there. It’s pretty much the poster bag for cycling/satchel/”across the body” bags today. Although I personally prefer the versions above. So, eh, I guess my blog my rules. xx


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