Fringing Rocks

Apart from my sartorial love of fringing (I think tie-die fringe is my fav), last night I went to see the Rubberbandits, who were playing a gig as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. If you don’t know who the Rubberbandits are, well then be prepared for an aural assault from these two boyos from Limerick. Comedy meets hip hop meets Stab City. When you can actually understand what they are saying they are funny as fuck. And then the other times they are still pretty funny. I like their scaldy rat bag personas (or maybe they really are scaldy rat bags, still not sure…). Here is their funny song Bags of Glue.

Here is their website (although I would recommend a trip to Youtube also)

There is loads of really awesome stuff happening at Fringe Fest, I encourage you to check it out (HERE). It’s a pity there is no Speigletent this year, but if last night is anything to go by, it’s not the end of the world! If you are skint, there are lots of things to do for free. So, go!


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