Modern Life is Rubbish

Fashion makes me irrationally happy. Some people like food, some people like cars, some people like, well, actually, I don’t really give a shit about some people, I love fashion fashion fashion. BUT. Big ugly annoying BUT, I am hardly gonna go about my daily business in a Marchesa dress. Oh, to have the occasion for a Marchesa dress….No, sadly I am not an oligarch with fancy social engagements. I am a regular person, with regular sartorial requirements. As a design student, my clothes often get wrecked from various dyes and pigments and chemicals (the corrosive kind, not the fun kind…). As I drool over my fantasy wardrobe, I’ve put together a selection that is closer to what I actually wear on a daily basis. This whole ideal self/actual self stuff is really interesting actually, especially when you think of it in commercial terms. It’s the reason why designers like DKNY make such a killing – they dress our actual selves. Isabel Marant, one of my favourite new designers, does this exceptionally well, taking wearable pieces and making them just nice enough that we don’t put them up in the “fantasy clothes” category.

So, for those of us who don’t have fancy lunches, charity committee meetings or debutante ball invitations coming out our ears, here is a bunch of functional, well cut, wearable outfits. You will find similar versions all over the place, though you are probably too busy drooling at the fantasy clothes. I recently discovered COS, an awsome shop that sells what I would describe as designer chic clothes – clothes that people who work in design and creative industries would wear. Anyway, it’s great and pretty affordable, so I highly recommend it.

Is there a huge difference between your ideal wardrobe and your actual wardrobe? Or are you some level headed anomily who aligns your ideal self and your actual self? Or maybe you are an oligarch, and your ideal wardrobe is your actual wardrobe? Luck b*^£”!

J. Crew
Dries Van Noten
Isabel Marant
Michael Kors

Vanessa Bruno
Images via

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