I LOVE coats & jackets. They are my favourite type of garment. I have far too many. Every time I go away I come home with like 2 or 3 more coats. I am aware that this is not normal behaviour. But I can’t help it. So, it is hardly surprising then that I am VERY excited when this time of year rolls around. It’s winter coat time. Well, almost. It’s actually autumn jacket time, which is like the prelude to proper freezing weather. BUT, it is quickly getting cold enough to be thinking of winter coats, which is just fine by me. Here’s what I’ve been thinking of….

3.1 Philip Lim




Gareth Pugh

Giambasti Valli



Roskanda Illinic
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2 thoughts on “Toasty

  1. eek, i know, what to buy what to buy? and why must i buy anything at all when i’ve about 72 coats in my wardrobe…but another year, another coat right?


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