Skirting the issue

I have always been a separates kinda gal, what with my long back and general dose of tall. Separates are my friends becasue they don’t enforce a waist/hip line that is on the wrong place on my body, which is never a good look. On top of allowing tall people have proper proportions, the great thing about skirts is that you can dress your top half up or down to suit the mood, giving you more scope to wear them. Indeed, this Autumn Winter there were a bunch of super fun skirts playing with texture and volume that are nothing less than covetable. Observe…

Antonio Berardi
Colette Dinigan
Cynthia Rowley
Diane Von Furstenberg
Giambasti Valli
Giambasti Valli
Miu Miu
Yves Saint Laurent

Ok so technically the Moschino and the DVF are dresses, but the skirt is what makes the dress interesting, so they stay! And the Antonio Berardi…..they’re like little disco balls!!! More skirts should be this fun. Just sayin’.


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