Designers Do it Better

I like to flatter myself by saying that one of the reasons I dress fairly boringly (is that a word? is now…) is that my lack o funds means I don’t have access to the amazing designer clothes. Now, you can argue in favour of the high street, and second hand and making the most of it all you like. Don’t get me wrong, I trawl through charity rails, I shop high street, looking for interesting, well designed clothes. But most of the time my style is quite muted and not that fashioney. Why? Well for one, I usually buy clothes based on the quality of the fabric (ie no polyester, no acrylic wool, no crappy cut garments or badly sewn seams), which rules out a massive amount of high street clothes. And also, and this one kills me when I find something i like, it’s because I HATE buying a really pretty/dramatic/fun/colourful dress and wear it out and see ten other girls in the same thing. I HATE HATE HATE IT.

Does that mean I think I am more original than I am? Possibly. But let’s be honest, the high street rips off designers, and often has their knock off versions in the stores before the designer collections arrive at their sales points. I hate that for many reasons. One of which is that they are essentially making FAR more money than a lot of designers, without having to take any of the design risks or innovative thinking. Which sucks for the designers. Another one is that the quality just isnt there in the high street version. Which sucks for the consumer – us. Aside from branding and exclusivity and all that jazz, part of the reason that designer clothes are so expensive is that they are made to really really high levels of quality. which means that they look better, they feel better and they fit better.

That’s not to say that you have to be loaded to look good, we can all agree that the ubiquity of street style blogs renders that a very moot point. HOWEVER, when it comes to wearing really striking clothes, like proper FASHUN, kick ass, omg-that-dress-is-freaking-awesome clothes, designers do it better. And personally, I would rather just not play the game than be the poor cousin to this lot….


Balmain AW10



Balmain AW10



Preen AW10



Proenza Schouler AW10



Pucci AW10



Pucci AW10



Versus AW10



Versus AW10



Vivienne Tam



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