That’s nice

Let’s be honest, noone really likes NICE. Nice is almost an insult, it’s bland, it’s forgettable. Of all the adjectives in the world you can use to describe something, nice is so passive. It’s the default setting to describe something that does not offend you, but you don’t care enough to search for a better description. Fuuuck that.

When it comes to fashion, “nice” dresses are for people who don’t like clothes. You know them, the “sure why would i spend my money on the fancy one” people. The people who forget/don’t realise that everything is designed, and that everyone reveals an awful lot about their personality by the objects they choose to surround themselves with, no matter what level of design or style it is. Dressing to look invisible is as telling of a personality as dressing to stand out.

And given that fashion, at it’s best, is a visceral and joyous manifestation of art, feast your eyes on these looks from Spring Summer 2011 that are a whole lot more than nice….


Akris SS11
Celine SS11
Galliano SS11
Herve Leger SS11
Versace SS11
Valentino SS11
Burberry Prorsum SS11

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