All My Friends

Before my birthday I indulged in a wishlist on this blog. A kind of internet daydream, with jpegs. Thinking no more of it, I was extrEEEEMly delirah when, on my actual bday, my yummy friends gave me an array of mahoosive necklaces & rings. Best. Birthday.Ever. As if the two types of homemade cupcakes, brownies, peanut butter cups, and MADEFROMSCRATCH jelly & icecream weren’t enough. Oh, and a bell for my bike!

I ❤ my new stuff. Especially coz I’m as fussy as fuck and it’s really lovely when you get a present that’s just right. To all my friends, yiz are only rides. Such rides that I am including my first outfit/me post, which is something I didn’t really plan to ever do. There.

Oh, we’re going to LCD Soundsystem real soon. Which is exciting. I’ve been listening to the new album This is Happening recently, and I think it’s aces. I know it got fairly bland reviews when it came out, but for me LCD have always been a band that make songs that get better every time you listen to them. I will be sad when they are gone. And I hope they play this on the 22nd…

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