I Heart Mario

Now, I know everyone always says that they have been reading Vogue since they were in nappies, and it’s like yea yea we’re soooo cool coz we’ve been reading fashion magazines forever, big deal. That’s not my point. The point is this – even though I don’t remember a time BV (before Vogue, obvs), I can really vividly remember the first photographer who registered in my brain. The first time I noticed the particular saturation of colour, the composition, the pose of the model, the light being different to other images and recognisable as his work. Basically the first time I GOT Vogue, and the art of fashion photography. That man? Mario Testino, naturally.

Mario Testino’s world is a place I want to live. It is hi-colour, hi-glamour, and super sexy. He’s the poster boy for glossy fashion photography. He is a notoriously lovely person, a personality in his own right. Mind you, if I had his talent and his friends (the most beautiful of beautiful people) and his life in general (yachts and lots of sunny weather), I’d probably be pretty happy too.  Not that he’s just all sweedie-dahling bluster, because he has clearly busted his ass to get as good as he is. And while over the years i have expanded my knowledge and found new favourites to love, Mario is the reason that I really love fashion and photography, his work opened my eyes. And as they say, you never forget your first.

British Vogue, Iron Maiden
British Vogue, March 07
British Vogue March 04
British Vogue May 2000
British Vogue February 03
British Vogue February 03

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