Think about me, Stevie.

There’s no getting away from 70’s inspired fashion at the moment. And if our ’80’s obsession is anything to go on, this new trend is gonna stick around for AGES! Expect the return of flares and disco. Actually I think the disco thing has already happened. I’m envisaging lots of browns & earth tones, fringing and teensy tiny floral prints with a bordeaux red background. Boho is (unfortunately) due for a comeback…

In a sort of totally unrelated matter, I have been listening to loads of Fleetwood Mac recently, Rumours is an UNBELIEVABLY great album. And Stevie Nicks has an amaaaaazing voice, and she was an unreal performer, who no doubt influenced some of the most successful female artists today. And that’s without mentioning the ones who just ripped her off completely. (I’m looking at you, florence!) From what I’v read and seen on tv documentaries, she is a total nutter, but Stevie’s style is timeless. I love the way she layered chiffon & lace & crochet, looking so delicate and urchin-y at the same time. She was great at wearing hats. She had unusual accessories (check out the bird in the pic below). And she wore a bunch of white, which is ALL the rage for Spring Summer 11. She is pretty much a total legend, even with the crazy.

To change the subject again, I recently bought a blanket scarf in Urban Outfitters. It’s a dream.

I think I’ve worn it almost every day since I got it – all my other scarves are getting insanely jealous. It’s not very 70’s at all. And not that Stevie Nicks either. BUT, IMAGINE (because I haven’t seen one anywhere yet) something like that shape in an interesting crochet?!!! yea? I want one. Stevie would too. And as soon as I find one I will buy it and share the details. And if you find one first, TELL ME!


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