Fair (isle) play to ya!

I’ve been dying to post these looks for ages now, but I felt the closer I left it to christmas, the more relevant it would be. And Halloween is over, so I’m done waiting. Check out these Christmas-jumper-tastic outfits from D&G, Jean Paul Gaultier & Marc Jacobs. I LOVE the playfulness, so fun! Marc has a fairly standard fair isle sweater, but it’s pretty delish. JPG chose Christmas stockings to go with his ethnic/tribal warrior collection. And D&G. Well. IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Christmas chiffon blouses. I mean, genius. Effing geniuses. or genii…While I don’t love everything that D&G puts out (often too italian peasant/sexy milk maid inspired for my liking…) their is no denying their ability to put their own particular flair to everything they touch, and I’m pretty sure ur granny never knitted you anything like these…

D&G AW10
D&G AW10
D&G AW10
D&G AW10
Jean Paul Gaultier AW10
Jean Paul Gauliter AW10
Jean Paul Gaultier AW10
Marc Jacobs AW10

5 thoughts on “Fair (isle) play to ya!

  1. I love the season of Christmas jumpers!
    Have to say I adore pic two and three!!! I want them!… Perfect Accessory: A ski trip *optional… ie I can’t afford it… perhaps someone will buy me fake snow… like the dude of the ad last year. SWOON!

  2. apparently there is a christmas jumper sale in Dtwo soon. Booo Dtwo, but yaaay christmas jumpers!!! I have a feeling that D&G xmas jumpsuit would probably cost the same as a ski trip – double fail!!

  3. That D&G collection is my hearts desire, my mom offered to knit me a similar jumper but I’m thinking about asking her to knit it into a jumpsuit… gotta love your creative elders!

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