It’s snowing. Must be nearly Christmas so.

A while ago, I was asked by the very talented Angela Scanlon to take part in a street-style type shoot she was doing for the new Oxfam We Are Tee range of tshirts. Naturally, I said yes! The tshirts are really cool – as you would expect from Oxfam, they are all fair trade and organic and that. However, with Irish & international graphic designers, illustrators and fashion desingers lending their skills to create climate change inspired motifs in their own individual style, they are also pretty cool. Talent such as Eilis Boyle, Peter O’Brien & Joanne Hynes contributed to the project that, in my mind, strikes the right balance of ethics and aesthetics.

Did someone say Christmas present? All proceeds go to Oxfam, so there are worse things you could give a loved one. You can get them on the Awear website.

If you want to see the tshirts (and my shocking attempt at posing in front of a camera), go here…..


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