Always late to the party

I bought a maxi skirt this week. It was kind of a big deal for me, because I’ve been avoiding them loads. It takes a lot for me to change my mind about something. Take clogs for example. They stuck their heads up probably about two years ago – I was horrified. Like, properly horrified. You may as well have been telling me that uggs and crocs were the new forward footwear. Then they put sheepskin INTO the clogs. How ridiculous, I thought. However, it turns out that humans are remarkably adaptable creatures, and after being exposed to enough creative styling in magazines and style blogs, I am no longer offended by them. But I feel like I would be a traitor to my former clogophobic self if I were to get on the clog bandwagon. Also, it has taken me so long to become comfortable with them that if I did end up actually getting a pair, they would be pretty much obsolete straight away.

And so it was with the maxi skirt. The maxi 2.0 doesn’t offend me, I actually quite like the silhouette. Maxi 2.0 is not to be confused with the Roberto Cavalli-esque uber-rich sexy glam beach wear type maxis that one might find in gaudy colours made out of questionable satin in certain high street retailers. I still think that they should be burned. Or recycled. Because burning isn’t very sustainable. But if the planet wasn’t totally fucked, I’d want to burn them, ok.

Sorry, enough hating, back to the Maxi 2.0. What was I saying….oh yes, sleek lines. Feminine, but not the candy variety. Comfortable, but graceful enough to be quite stylish. So if I like them then what’s the problem? In a word, hips. I have them. I have a bum too. And I have a deep rooted fear of garments that draw attention to the fact. That I just drew attention to…oops. So after running scared for the summer, I eventually tried one on in the new Forever 21 in Jervis (that place is MASSIVE). And it was comfortable. And swishy. The colour was wrong and the size was funny (is it just me or do their sizes run kinda big, and short?), but it didn’t make me look as whale-like as I was expecting. I think I’m just bad at change. The longer I wore it, the less weird it felt. Now I don’t know if I was misguided thinking that it would make me look like a whale, or whether I am misguided thinking that it doesn’t make me look like a whale…but either way I found one in Pennys that I liked & fit so I got it. I sort of hate myself for still shopping in Pennys, but I did, so what of it. (Note, the seams are shoddy and I had to attack the label so that it didn’t rip my skin off but the shape and the size of the skirt is good, as was the 11EU price tag).

So what’s my point? Well, a) I’m a late adopter. I think I hate change. Or rather, change that I don’t instantly like. I’m slow to come around to things. a.1) unless something blatantly doesn’t fit you, give it a minute or two before you pass it off. Your eyes might just need a few minutes to get used to it. If after a couple of minutes you still think it’s hideous, then it’s hideous. But sometimes, change just takes a while. And b) while it’s important to be aware of what suits our body shape, don’t be afraid to try new shapes because they might not be as bad as the image you have in your head?? But having said that, if they are, then AVOID!

Here’s me in my new hopefully-not-hideous maxi skirt. I am having a leopard print moment. And I’m fine with that.

Here are some other really lovely maxi’s that I have seen about the place. Choose a fairly straight, block colour jersey-type for a minimal look (they look kick ass with leather jackets and that), but there are some unreal sheer & printed ones floating around for the sartorially courageous among us.

Paul Smith SS11
Paul & Joe SS11

Temperly SS11

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