Gimme some (head) space


The other day I noticed something that has been bothering me since. There is no clean white wall in my living space. In my whole house there isn’t one wall that is without a bookshelf or picture or radiator or some piece of furniture shoved against it or some other thing. I think what’s really bothering me about it is that it’s not cluttered enough to be pleasing to the eye, nor is it clean enough to be calming. It’s a terrible in between house, which is my least favourite and makes me feel a bit sick.

And while I do adore floor to ceiling bookshelves, and walls that are jam packed with pictures & mirrors, right now I am craving a white wall. With nothing, not even a skirting board on it. (Actually, what’s the story with skirting boards??!!). Just like minimal in one part of the house, one space to breathe, and then the rest can be as cluttered as anything. I’m not going to go on about interiors loads, coz it’s not my thing, that has just been annoying me. To bring it back to what I know, it’s like every so often, feeling the need to wear no colour. It’s always the days you are a bit distracted and need to focus, or when you have to really concentrate on something. Colour and pattern can be (no, scratch that, they ARE) distracting, in living spaces and on your body. Sometimes you just need a neutral block colour to give your eyes a break.

Vogue March 2004
Vogue March 2004

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