i forgot to do this the other day…

I meant to do this last week (after the gig in Tripod), oops…

I love LCD Soundsystem. I think they are one of my favourite bands, ever. And given how indecisive I am, that’s a pretty bold statement. I am willing to back this up with three simple reasons.

1. LCD Soundsystem.

Their debut album is still a belter. Released in 2005, it gave us Daft Punk is Playing At My House, Tribulations (one of my favourite songs), Disco Infiltrator, Beat Connection & Losing My Edge. Most bands would be lucky to have one song as good on an album.

2. Sound of Silver

What I love about this album is that it gets better every time I listen to it. And I have easily listened to it a few hundred times. It is perfectly formed. I could go through each song and tell you why it is better than the last, but I would rather you just listened to the music rather than to me. 9 songs. All amazing. I’m not sure I know another album that has absolutely zero filler.

3. This is Happening

I know critics were underwhelmed with this album, but they can suck it. It’s unreal. Dance Yourself Clean & You Wanted a Hit are probably my favourites so far, but what I like is that it’s quite similar to Sound of Silver in the way the album is constructed, you sort of listen to it as a whole entity. It builds and falls in all the right places. It’s an ALBUM, not a collection of songs. Which, in this mp3 world, is a really lovely thing. Oh, and the video for Drunk Girls is epic

Highlight of the Tripod gig last Sunday…James Murphy, clearly wrecked from the previous two nights, fucking up the lyrics to Losing My Edge, gave up and fell on the floor laughing. James Murphy ROFL’d. Enough said.

*I am not one of those blogs that (knows how to) posts music, so if you want music buy it. or go to hypem like everyone else. (note: i do not encourage you to go to hypem, i’m just stating it exists. so sue me) (..please don’t sue me. i’v nothing you could take)


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