i’v got’s no(w) style

I genuinely thought Karl Lagerfeld was taking the mickey when I saw these last february….


It has now been snowing for so long that I am beginning to think the man may have had a point…I suppose I feel like I should do a post and properly address the snow thing. Maybe if we acknowledge it, it will leave….As much as possible I’ve been hiding inside with the heating up as high as it will go (I think I’m part lizard, my blood freezes when I get cold and I can’t move). Otherwise, I found an awesome sheepskin coat that was my nanasin a wardrobe in my house  (actually this is a lie, I’ve know about it all the time, I was just looking for an excuse to wear it) that I have been using since the snow started. It’s ENORMOUS! Both in length, because it’s a coat, not a jacket, or a long jacket or a short coat. It’s a motherfucking coat. It’s also huge, which is weird coz my nana wasn’t fat…maybe she was pimping the oversize look way back when. It’s also about three inches thick of sturrrdy suede and tight shearling lining. Haha, I got roped into the shearling trend after all. Stupid snow making a fashion victim out of me! Ha. Actually I think the coat is from the ’70’s (or at least it looks it, perhaps late ’60’s), so I’m ticking all kinds of fashion boxes. Which is really funny because it is covering a world of sartorial sins – layers & layers of warmest clothes (shape, colour, who cares!). Also, this weather has got me wearing my old horse riding boots. They are Aigle, and they are sturdy as anything, and just as good as wellies, but they are not wellies, which i like enormously. I have been sort of wanting a pair of leather riding-style boots to wear in real life, maybe I should have been careful what I wished for…AAAnnnnyyway. It’s snowing. And that sucks. But I’m warm. And I still don’t like those Chanel Yeti suits. I don’t care how toasty they look or how hot the models are. It’s just wrong. Soz Karl, you know you’re my fav. But seriously like. xx

This is me, after shoveling snow off & out of the way of my mum’s car for an hour this morning in my snow uniform!


3 thoughts on “i’v got’s no(w) style

  1. Hey i came across your site while researching Printed textiles in NCAD. .I am currently in 2nd yr. And i am struggling to
    decide between Embroidery and Print for 3rd Year. I am just wondering if you could throw me any advice?!!

    My name is Jade 🙂

    1. hey! eh, i really dunno what to say……do whatever you think you will be happier in, what you think you will be better at. ultimately that will make your life easier in the end!!! best of luck with it! x

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