I don’t make clothes.

I’ve been seriously neglecting this poor blog for the past couple of weeks, as college work killed my life. And now that I’m free(ish), I’m so shattered I don’t even know what I want to post about. So it makes sense for me to start with this. My work. I don’t know if you care of not, but this is the reason that I have been very remiss about giving my opinions on the internet recently…Julie is my lovely model, thanks jules! And yea, I don’t make clothes, I make fabric and then pin the fabric on to make it look like the clothes I designed the fabric for, ya dig?? For this collection I used latex, wool, silk & leather, and techniques like devoré (i like the way that designers are on a mission to reclaim devoré from mother of the bride scarves!), foil and digital printing. So if you don’t know, now you know.


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