Here’s to brighter days…

Today is actually one of my favourite days of the year. That’s because tomorrow the days getting brighter, so it heralds the end of winter? Ha, looking outside we all know that winter isn’t going anywhere in a hurry! But, it’s still going to be a bit brighter tomorrow, and a bit brighter the day after that, and the day….you get it. Also, you get a funny kind of light on the cusp of things, like dawn and dusk, it’s just a different interesting light. Same as now, there was a really strange light, amplified by the masses of reflective snow! So happy solstice, and here’s to slightly longer days in the next while!

This was dusk on the shortest day of 2010 near my house. I was too cold to do an outfit post, and I live too far away to take pics of friends. So, mandatory snow pics it is!

spooky lane!
pink trees...
Happy Christmas!!


Oh, and here’s what I’ve been thinking for Xmas day dressing…..

Marc Jacobs, everything little you do is magic...
Roskanda Ilinic, nomnomnom
Valentino, ValentinOH?!!!

Finally in the Christmas Spirit! 🙂 Velvet maxi anyone? Looks SOOOO warm. Also Valentino’s red leather skirt is nothing short of sublime, and that Roskanda Ilinic outfit just exudes xmas glamour…although I think i need a bigger house and some seriously better social commitments to pull it off…..sigh.



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