My Knight in Shining Armour….

I really wanted to do a post on Nick Knight and his general awesomeness for a while but I don’t know where to start. He is constantly pushing boundaries in fashion imagery, always embracing new technologies and processes. His award winning website, features a whole bunch of amazing films and images and visual treats. I love the way he embraces digital manipulation in the creation of fashion imagery, in a way that adds to the image rather than just for the sake of it. I love that his work can be really weird. I love the movement in his images. And if it’s not enough that I love him, he was asked to do the WHOLE of the i-D’s recent 30th birthday issue. As in, he took every image in the entire bumper magazine. And they are spectacular images. Here are a bunch of other awesome Nick Knight images, including one of my favourite campaigns of his (the Dior kungfu crazy one) and one of my favourite editorials (British Vogue April 03 – it’s actually inspired me and my aesthetic more than I sometime realise!). Enjoy!

American Vogue, September 2001
Vogue April 2003
Vogue April 2003
Vogue March 2007



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