(fashion) Toasty…

I sometimes feel like it’s really lazy blogging when people just put a bunch of pictures they took from other bloggers on their tumblrs…maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but that’s just what I think. However, I’m going to totally contradict myself now and do just that…

image via fashiontoast

Rumi Neely is a really famous blogger, and her blog is really cool, full of original photography, her unique point of view (and that of her photographer buddy) and a bunch of great style and cool things she sees. The reason I’m mentioning her is that I saw this image a few weeks back and I have been dreaming of the skirt she’s wearing in it ever since. Actually, turns out it’s a dress, but still, it’s fierce ridey! The designer, Therese Rawsthorne, is an aussie, and all her work is pretty cool. She has an online store, but alas, this dress isn’t on it, mega sadface. I’m on a mission to find something similar, but asos & ebay are letting me down at the moment. I’m considering making one, but I need to get my finger out and actually do it….Hmmm. Anyway, here’s some stuff that Therese has made and I think it’s pretty lovely


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