Thank you Santa!

This year for Christmas, I got my favourite things – sleeping, shopping, cameras & fashion related nerd presents…..

Sleeping & shopping came in the form of pillows (it’s not as weird as you think) and money/gift cards. WIN. Sadly, I think it’s still not enough for this….

Burberry Prorsum SS11

image via

I got a camera too, and it’s DEADLY….it’s made of LEGO! It’s also a 2010 funsnap (i.e. it’s digital), which is good because I actually don’t have a working digital compact at the moment, and my 35mm keeps dying on me….

Lego Camera, with extra lego to play with!

image source


I was also given probably the most appropriate book anyone could ever buy me, and it’s one of the loveliest presents I’ve ever received. Because as much as I love fashion and stuff, I am a complete and utter nerd. Not deep down, but like properly totally nerdy. So my friend got me this wonderful little book called A Dialogue Between Fashion & Death. It was written in the early 1800’s and still as entertaining, relevant and thought provoking today as I’m sure it was then. And it’s about FASHUN! It’s part of the Penguin Great Ideas series, which are a bunch of really awesome short books, all of which are well worth a read. The same friend got me onto them a few years ago, and I’ve slowly been adding little stories by George Orwell and Sun Tzu and the like to my collection ever since. Oh, and the covers are lovely too!!


So, to conclude, thank you Santa and all my awesome friends 🙂 Good work.


Penguins! I couldn't help myself....



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