I have nothing to wear….

The other day i went ice skating with a friend. And yes, it was only one friend, one lonely friend, a shameful admission, but it’s not my fault that the rest of them are all talk and no blades.

It took me ages to get ready to go, for several reasons.

1) I don’t have an iceskating dress. this made me sad.

2) the reason i don’t have an iceskating dress is because i’v been iceskating like 3 times in my life and i SUCK at it.

3) because i am so bad i always want to wear the most amount of clothes i can get on my body for padding and protection from the inevitable falling down on hard water

4) iceskating makes you warmer than you might expect, so all this extra padding makes you roasting after a while

5) it was still snowing, which made me lose all sense of everything (I sort of miss the snow from an aesthetic point of view, but i NEVER want it to snow again!)

6) i was so panicked about the above reasons i lost the plot a little bit, went and made a cup of coffee and smoked a few cigarettes before coming back to get ready.

So, I settled on denim on denim, in a mom jeans/1940’s work-overalls/slightly skinhead style dealy. I felt like all i was missing was the bunny ears scarf & i could have been proper retro. but I’m kinda into it. I liked the mix of skinhead references mixed with wholesome 50’s working woman references. I like that denim has such a strong and diverse meanings in terms of social symbolism. I love that there are so many ways to wear it to say different things, or even nothing at all. And I really love that my mom jeans are Paul Smith and they cost me £2.50 in Dalston. WIN!!!!


I didn’t snot myself iceskating. Maybe i’l buy an iceskater dress after all….


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