Good Riddance!

2010 has been a funny year. And as much as some amazing things happened, I’m not that sad to see it go.

But in the spirit of positivity, here are some of the good things that came out of it.

1) I started Noisy Shoes.

To curb useless procrastination, and waste my time in a more positive fashion (ha!), I started this blog. Here’s my very first post. It was my 2010 resolution. I am glad that I did it, and I am grateful to every one of you who still read it, and leave me such lovely comments – I appreciate every single one of them. Here’s to a resolution I actually saw through, and I’m looking forward to another year of doing the same.

2) Best friends 2010

I’ve told you about him before, but my main bro Orlando is a stellar chap. He’s an unreal dj and an all round nice guy. You can find him over at This year we decided we were going to be best friends, because we thought “best friends two thousand and ten” had a nice ring to it (it does, doesn’t it). We djed a good bit together this year, got stupid drunk together, and generally acted the maggot. I’m pretty sure we’re still gonna be friends once January 1st hits, but here’s to best friends 2010. And seriously, check out his blog, his music is unreal.

Orlando & I. lol.

3) NYC baby

Back in February, I went to New York City. Pretty much enough said! It was rad. I want to live there for a while someday.

4) London town

In the summer, I interned in London. It was also an amazing experience, both in terms of work and what I learned, but also living with 5 of the best birds on the planet. Mostly the living with my best mates if we’re being honest. Works great and all but having the craic is even better!There’s really no way of describing how much fun it was without sounding like a total dickhead (it’s ok, all my friends are dickheads too), so I won’t. But it was great. Despite all of our (not) fixie bikes breaking. All 6 of them. That’s what we get for buying ropey bikes on Brick Lane though.

photo: Triona O'Neill
photo: Triona O'Neill

5) Published work

I do textiles in college, but I also want to work as a stylist/photographer as well (how original says you). This year, I styled a shoot that appeared in the Sunday Independent, and helped style & shot a shoot (?!!) for a friend of mine’s masters’ magazine, Tweed Yourself, which I was very happy to be part of. here it is here to look at.

one of my images from the Tweed Yourself Shoot

So that was 2010. I hope yours had more ups than downs, and that the same is true for 2011. I’ve decided to start a visual diary for 2011, that’s my new years resolution. I got two more cameras this week so it seems like the right thing to do….Happy New Year! x


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