All of the beautiful colours…

Although there are reports that there is more snow on the way (I have even bought those snow grip things just in case!), I have started thinking ahead to Spring Summer collections, and what I might wear once it finally warms up a bit.

I noticed a little bit of a colour trend in a few of the shows, and I’m really into it. A combination of tan, black and blue, it’s a development of the camel/denim that’s been going on for the last two seasons. Observe…

3.1 Philip Lim
Diane Von Furstenburg

It’s a slightly darker twist, bringing indigo in instead of the lighter denim blues. I’ve always been a fan of black and blue when it’s done right, and I love the darker sienna-y/ochre-y hues as a change from the lighter caramels and tans. I am gonna start stockpiling now.

*As a side note, shorts and no tights…I can’t wait for those two weeks we call summer to be able to wear shorts and no tights…



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