get me to the shops on time…

So, a whole bunch of my friends have decided that they are going to get married. Which is great and happy and lovely and blah blah blah. Except for the fact that now I’ve to find something to wear. Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that wedding-wear is the kind of thing that sets me into cold sweats. Karen Millen. Oasis… Coast….Pashmina.Shawls. That putrid cyan blue taffeta……..Ok I’ll stop, I’m only upsetting myself. Anyway. Weddings are a formal occasion because they are special, and while I am totes like FASHUN and stuff, I fully embrace the tradition and I’m not going to turn up in black mesh and a topknot (which reminds me, I still need to post my NYE look…). But you can stick it if you think I’m going to wear a dress from Coast. Even the thought makes me throw up a little. I want to look like ME. Only me that’s wedding appropriate, although it remains to be seen if such a thing exists.

So…..what the FOOOOK am I going to wear? Oh and did I mention that the first wedding is going to be ULTRA glam, so I HAVE to look great?? Bollox. However, I just had a little peek at Asos’s SS11 Lookbook and I spied not one but TWO looks that have potential.

source: Refinery 29.

The first one is pretty standard Jane aesthetic, I can pretty much see the outfit already. And it’s lilac, which is a traditional wedding colour, so it fits right in. So unless it turns out it’s made of some awful fabric, or that it’s just plain on the back (as happened with a friend’s new sequin-mesh…sneaky jersey back number before christmas), I’l probably get that. However, I just love the second look. It’s so fresh, and pretty and just like, wedding appropriate, but without being a bog standard wedding outfit. And it would be lots of fun for the summer.

So, I don’t know. I’l probably buy one of those, but then maybe I’ll find something better. In the mean time I need to lay off the Cadbury’s Roses. The stress. And that’s just the guests, ha!


6 thoughts on “get me to the shops on time…

  1. I hear ya Missy. Wedding’s are SO difficult to buy for. Thankfully thye last two I’ve been at I’ve been a bridesmaid for so the outfit was sorted! I’m going to a wedding on Valentine’s Day which promises to be VERY glamorous and I’m thinking of renting a tux and a top hat and doing the androgynous Marlene Dietrich vibe. It would so suit you too?!

    Of the two above, I’m LOVING the second one.

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