Happy New Year?!!

In keeping with 2010 tradition of procrastination and general forgetfulness (ha, like it was only 2010), I have been meaning to post my New Year’s Eve outfit since, well, New Years. I guess a week’s not that bad. Anyway, the reason I wanted to post it was two fold. Actually three fold. Manifold, if you will.

Fold #1: I recently extolled the virtues of the sheer maxi. And after sort of giving up hope of finding one, find one I did, ish. What I did find was a mesh over jersey maxi from the sale in H&M, that I then hacked up to give me the see through legs I was looking for (what a slapper…). I actually over hacked it up and ended up having to put a bit back on with safety pins because I hate sewing jersey and I had about 10 mins to get ready but whatever, safety pins are so now, right?!! End of the story – I HAVE A SHEER MAXI!

Fold #2: NEW SHOES!!! I LOVE new shoes. How original, says you. I was really bold in the sale and bought a truly massive pair of KG by Kurt Geiger suede booty leather strappy over delights. It’s bold because they are massive and I am already a giraffe so I’m approaching drag queen territory I’m so tall when I wear them, but who gives a flying monkeys because they are puuuuuuurrrrrdy.

Fold#3: Grunge. I decided I wanted to look grungy. So this is my attempt at grunge. I fear it veers a little close to goth, so maybe next time I’l add more colour. But I like it.

ONE gripe though – Why do H&M make really short maxi skirts? They are all mid calf on me, and they are defo supposed to reach at least the ankle. Stupid giraffe height!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year?!!

  1. Amazing look, I’ve been on the hunt for a sheer maxi skirt for ages and will have to check this out. Seeing as I haven’t been in an H&M store for about 3 months, it’s probably not going to turn out well…

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