All that glitters, eh, is the golden globes??

So here’s my take on the Golden Globes style. But first, a confession. I looked through the pics, and out of 78 pics, I recognised about 10 faces. And most of those were men. And I didn’t know most of their names. So, instead of me telling you who wore what, let’s cut to the chase. I’m pretty sure noone gives a crap about the minor celebrities inhabiting the dresses, they just care about the dresses. And by noone, I clearly mean me. I REALLY don’t give a crap about minor tv stars or people in films about vampires (no offense to them I am sure they are great at what they do, I’m just not into it).

So, here are the dresses I liked, that I thought were event appropriate. There was another Marchesa one that I liked but left off the list because it had a flare/frill/pleat thing at the hip (I can’t remember what they are called), and it’s one of my design pet peeves right now. I also excluded a few other dresses that were nice, but either too much (massive train? you’re on tv? REAAALLLLY?), or too plain (it is like the Golden Globes after all*)

Alberta Feretti dress on some bird. She's rocking it tho.
A fairly famous bird (Anne Hathaway??) in Armani Privé. Love it.
Blonde bird in Badgley Mischka. Classic SilverScreen glamour, so event appropriate.
Another blonde bird (is she in Glee?) rocking classic Silver Screen glamour, this time J. Mendel.. Love it.
Marchesa. Love the 20's inspired shape. The neck is unreal. Oh, and another blonde bird with an updo.
Brad & Angie. Looking ridey. Angie's wearing vintage Versace and KILLING it.
Another blonde bird (the brunettes just didn't bring it) in Versace. Looks amazo. Also, Donatella clearly "borrowed" this neckline from Christopher Kane's Versus collection. Just sayin.

*I actually don’t know what the Golden Globes DO, apart from getting famous people in the same room in fancy dresses. Like, who gives the awards? Who cares? What does it mean? Am I just looking for reasons to justify a fancy piss up? Ok, grand.

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