You’re a Saint, Nick…

Ok so I know it’s a bit late in January for festive puns, but I don’t really care because I just got a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. Nicholas Motherfucking Kirkwood. The master of architectural heels now resides in my wardrobe. And by that I mean the shoes, not him. And by wardrobe I mean somewhere on my floor amidst all the other crap…..They are UNREAL. They came from the Brown Thomas sale, and were seriously reduced, which makes them a bargain, and everyone knows that the only thing better than amazingly designed things is heavily discounted amazingly designed things.

So, here they are. They are HUUUUGE. But I don’t care, for Mr Kirkwood, I’d happily be mega tall. Now all I have to do is find something to wear worthy of them…….


2 thoughts on “You’re a Saint, Nick…

  1. Holy Crap…

    You really do have a pair of Nicholas M*therfucking Kirkwood shoes!

    I would gladly sell my first born child (and throw the second in for free!) to make a home for these architectural confections in my wardrobe.

    *Mopes away to weep*

    Sarah x

    P.S: I’ve just discovered your blog through ‘What Katie Wore’. I can’t explain why it’s taken me so long – Laziness? Having one’s Head up one’s own Arse? – but, by God, am I happy to have found you.

    I’ll pop in – to make another similarly inane comment – again soon.

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