Nice Ad Campaign…

*Insert gushing sentiment about Proenza Schouler here*

Proenza Schouler is a company I want to work for when I grow up (read: four months, when I finish college, eeek!). Last season they did their first advertising campaign, and it was great. Here’s this season’s one, beautifully shot images with equally beautiful clothes.

There is a simplicity that runs throughout everything that Proenza Schouler do. It’s a confident and daring decision to leave so much out, but the result allows what is there (amazingly cut clothes and unreal prints) to shine through with understated elegance, modernity and, well, deadliness.

I also love the makeup in this shoot, did someone say orange lipstick for this summer? Don’t mind if I do….

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3 thoughts on “Nice Ad Campaign…

  1. Ah Proenza… I love their attention to detail. Conventional(ish) clothing with very unconventional twists. Though if I ever want to get my hands on some I’d have to a) win the lotto or b) raid the Net A Porter warehouse.

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