Resolutions 2.0

Before I forget, the Irish blog awards 2011 are open for nominations. So, if you have a favourite Irish blog, click HERE and vote for it. You don’t have to be in Ireland, or from Ireland, just a reader of an Irish blog. I have a section of Irish bloggers on the right sidebar,if you wanna check some of them out. There are popculture, lifestyle (*fashion & beauty blogs are part of this one*), and arts/culture, so I highly recommend that you shout out your favourites and give them the props that you feel they deserve. Oh, and you only have to do it once, and you don’t have to sign up to anything or agree for facebook gremlins to know what you had for breakfast!

Anyway, this year I resolved to start a photodiary. It’s a fairly straightforward resolution, but true to resolution form, I’ve been shocking bad at keeping it. Here are a few examples of things I have seen this month, I have put the rest of them on my Tumblr (click there). Also, normal programming will resume when I have finished my thesis (next week). It is currently sucking the life out of me, as well as rendering me incapable of speaking or thinking in any sort of coherent way.





*****oops, i almost forgot, this shit is the funniest thing i have seen in AGES.

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