We will shortly resume normal procrastination…

Do you care that I am too busy to procrastinate (much)? Probably not. But I am. ish. I am on lockdown til the end of the month, which means that I am starting to climb the walls. So I started a Lookbook. I don’t know how I feel about it, but I did it anyway. My justification is that I am doing my thesis on blogs and user generated (fashion) content, so it’s like research. Lookbook is weird. It should be called areyouprettyandisyourfriendagoodphotographerwithphotoshopbook, because often the clothes are (how do i put this nicely…) not noteworthy. But i suppose lookbook has a better ring to it.

Also, Lookbook seem to hate wordpress because they have badges for blogger and not for us. Samsies with google connect, which is really annoying. So if you want to laugh at my lack of prettiness and good photographer friends with photoshop, here is my lookbook. If you ever see me posting something with long grass and hedgerow, feel free to track me down and slap me! Seriously. No offence to people who do it, but I mean, I live in the city. Where there are buildings, and streets, and lawnmowers.

This is what I look like almost all of the time at the moment. This is the print studio I spend almost all of my time in. It is very warm, so we don’t need jumpers. And it’s messy, so we don’t need clothes that will get wrecked.

I think I’m going to die my hair red.


2 thoughts on “We will shortly resume normal procrastination…

  1. Yeah, I’m hearing you re: lookbook, it’s a bit of a yawn-fest. / popularity contest. I always used to stop-by and have a mooch around the images and get inspired but it seems a bit bland now.
    The guys photos are usually worth a view, mind.
    If however there were more posters that did do photos away from hedgerows(!) I’d be tempted to stop by more often.
    Love this look, the skirt is great and I like how you’ve styled it.

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