I wanna be Jeurgen Teller

So the other day I wore this. I got the trousers in Zara on sale for like 8euro or something equally ridiculous. Gotta love the end of sale reductions in that shop! I also love that they are khaki green, and I plan on wearing them extensively this spring, with neutrals and silly bright colours, because khaki is a delicious compliment to acid brights, it tempers them so you don’t look like a nu-rave throwback. Coz that’s totes over like.

I’ve been doing lots of photography for college work, and playing around with shutter speeds and flash and whatnot, so I decided to do a bit of that when I was taking these photographs. I have to say, despite me being in the pics, I am pretty happy with the results. I love Jeurgen Teller’s photography, the overly bright flash and yellow tinge, the unusual composition and the kind of voyeristic feel. And Terry Richardson’s hi-flash look, along with the kind of brashness that comes through in his work. So I tried to incorporate a little bit of that into these. I like the way that style lends itself to very amateur work, ha! I think from now on, I’l probably try to do something a little bit more unusual with outfit posts, as I’m not 100% comfortable in front of the camera. These photos where I was more photographer than subject were a lot more fun, and I think they look better than any of the ropey self-timed pics I’v posted previously. But I guess you will be the judge of that.

The other day, I wore this….


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