So I’m back to the velvet underground

Stevie Nicks. I love her. She seems like a total nutjob, but that makes her even better?? I mention this (again, I’ve already paid homage to her on this blog) because I recently saw this skirt in Oxfam. And it’s nuts. But I had to have it. It’s actually properly revolting, in a victorian governess kind of way. But it’s VELVET. And it has FRINGING. And it’s a really nice blue. Velvet. With Fringing. Mine.

So, I now own probably the ugliest skirt in the world. I’ve no idea when it was made, the tag is really old looking, and it’s really good quality, so I’m guessing it’s been around for a while. Seriously though, why did I buy a skirt that positively roars “SCARY SPINSTER LADY” to the outside world? To me, it’s all Fleetwood Mac and gypsy chic, but really, it’s a crazy lady skirt. Fuck it tho, it’s unreal.

So what did we learn today? Team ugly skirts with slightly slutty tops, and stick a scarf in your hair to turn Victorian Governess into Gypsy Chic. ish. Ha! 


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