Lonely Child

Some days I wish I had a sister so I could annoy her into doing shoots with me. Or a flatemate or something. As it stands, if I want to play around with taking photos and stuff, I have to do it myself. I guess that’s fine tho, right?! Cindy Sherman‘s work is mostly self-portraits, and she’s really cool. [note: I do not think i am anywhere near as deadly as Cindy Sherman. She’s unreal] Here’s what I wore the other day. It’s nice and comfy, with a bit of lace, and a ridiculous bow for good measure. I finally submitted my thesis, so it was time to get krunk. Although drinking for the first time after a month of working like a bitch on college work = SORE head next day!

Shirt & Skirt, H&M, Bow, Vintage, Shoes, KG by Kurt Geiger

And I suppose if I had sisters they would take my clothes…

I need to stop thinking about an impossible eventuality.

4 thoughts on “Lonely Child

  1. I majorly heart that skirt on you. Gorgeous. Maybe we should do shoot swaps as I have no-one either? (Sisters who live in New Zealand and Blanchardstown don’t count!)

  2. I too would like sisters. Other than the ones that I have, who refuse point blank to take pictures of me and steal my clothes! So, in regards to the clothing thing, you might be better off. If my sister had that skirt, I’d definitely appropriate it quicksmart.

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