Pour myself a cup of ambition

I have not posted in a week. Which is bold. Sorry. But we’re fine, ok? Let’s just move on.

I love this dress. I bought it last year in New York, and at the time it wasn’t in style at all but it was so beautiful I had to have it. I am very happy that the whole ’70’s thing has kicked in, because this summer it’s going to be a really lovely thing to throw on with a nice pair of sandals or something. And the colour! Nom NOm Nom. In other news as of yesterday I am 60% finished my degree. So there will be celebrations tonight, because we were all to delerious, sleep deprived and just plain dead to do anything yesterday. Woop. Oh, and I got an email from American Apparel to tell me that one of the outfits I shared with you guys was featured on their best of seen and submitted. Which is better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper. Ha!


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