Oscar the Grouch

The Oscars were last night. I don’t really have strong feelings on this. But I did look at the dresses. Overall I was seriously underwhelmed by what I saw, and as per usual I didn’t have a breeze who have the birds in the dresses were (I’m shit at pop culture). Here are some lovely ones….


Sharon Stone looking FIERCE in Dior. Galliano is in a bit of hot water at the moment, what with all those allegations roaming around….but this dress is amazing, in a cruella de ville meets red carpet kind of way.


I LOVE what Ricardo Tisci is doing at the moment, and I am so glad that someone wore such an amaaaazing dress on Oscar night. It’s just so beautiful!


Gucci = glamour. Oscars = glamour. Gucci = Oscars. See, I know fashion AND maths.

L'wren Scott

aka Mick Jagger’s missus’ dresses. Though to be fair she deserves recognition for being a good designer, not just a rock star’s bird. I either don’t like the neckline on this or I don’t like the neckline with the necklace….I think I don’t like the necklace. I think she should just have worn a bracelet or something instead. Because I think it’s a rocking dress.


Marchesa. That’s all I really need to say about that. swoon.

Monique Lhullier

I think this is a really great dress. Also, the internet tells me it’s Mandy Moore in the dress, so I like it even more, because it makes her look not like herself, in a really good way.


Valentino. Looks great. In a you-don’t-have-to-get-your-baps-out-to-look-good kind of a way.


images via vogue.com, style.com & stylecaster.com


5 thoughts on “Oscar the Grouch

  1. The Gucci dress is total glamour… until you get to the hem. Can’t help feeling like she’s walked through a dirty puddle… 😦

    LOVE the Givenchy too the sleeves are amazing – I want to see the back of it but can’t find a pic! Frustrating.

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